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About Workistaan

‘Workistaan- A vision for a better tomorrow’ is aimed primarily at the youth and the self employed community and to promote the concept of self employment in India as an alternate solution to combat the problem of unemployment and to help bridge the gap between employers and employees given the unique set of problems in India with respect to unavailability/unawareness of locally available skilled people in various domains.
The role model in the campaign of Workistaan would be Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Dr. Kalam, also fondly known as the “People’s President” was one of the best motivators for the youth and older generations alike.
To honour his vision, we would like to request the Government of India to commemorate his birth anniversary, 15 of October as National Work Day in India. Sign the Petition to make it happen.

Why Workistaan?

Our goal is to transform India into “Workistaan” where people believe in hard work and integrity leads to success, above everything else. To ensure that people, especially the youth finds motivation and inspiration from the life of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to give our very best in propelling the economy of our great nation, India. Let us together make a pledge to dedicate our lives to the noble and ethical practice of our professions through hard work. We must respect our work enough to practice it ethically, with integrity and honesty. We should not adopt wrongful practices that bring us to moral crossroads. Let us push ourselves to the limits of productivity, not just for our own individual success, but for the greater development and welfare of the nation while maintaining a balance with our personal lives.

We do not just want National Work Day to be a day on the calendar. We want this to become a stepping stone in transforming Dr. Kalam’s Vision into reality.

Chalo Banaye Workistaan

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